Word Course - Basics

Course Outline

This course is suitable for learners who are excellent with computers, such as sending emails or using PowerPoint, but who have little or no knowledge of Word.

At the end of the course learners will have a good foundation knowledge of Word and be able to enter and edit text and paragraphs and complete formatting and editing tasks in Word.

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Getting Started with Word

Starting Word
Word Opening Screen
Quick Access Toolbar
Ribbons and Tabs
Scroll Bars
The Status Bar
Speed Keys
Exiting Word

Creating Documents
Creating a New Document
Normal template
Entering Text
Saving Documents
Saving Files Automatically
Closing a Document
Opening an Existing Document 

Editing Documents
Document Views
To select a document view
Full Screen view
Moving the Insertion Point
Using Click-and-Type
Selecting Text
Insert and Overtype
Deleting Text
Undoing Incorrect Edits
Redoing and Repeating Edits
Text Formatting
Aligning Paragraphs
Case Conversion 

Working with Fonts
The Font Dialogue Box
The Format Painter

Working with Paragraphs and Margins
Line Spacing
Setting Page Margins
Setting Tabs
Removing Paragraph Formats 

Viewing and Printing Documents
Landscape Printing and Paper Size
Print Preview
Page Breaks

Moving and Copying Text
Moving Text (Cut-and-Paste)
Copying Text (Copy-and-Paste)
Using the Paste Options Icon
Using the Office Clipboard
Using Drag-and-Drop
Opening a Second Document 

Additional Features
Applying Bullets to Text
Applying Automatic Numbering
Automatic Spell Checking 

Laptop coffee cup and notebook

Software Skills
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