Excel Course - Advanced

Course Outline

Learners should have an excellent knowledge of Computers and Excel having completed the Intermediate course or equivalent. Alternatively, they may have existing work experience..

At the end of the course learners will have an advanced knowledge of Excel and be able to complete tasks such as VLookUp functions and Data Validation.

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Managing Excel
• Creating Custom Views
• Excel Viewing Options

Advanced Functions
• VLOOKUP Function
 o Comparing two sheets
 o IFERROR Function
 o Combining IF Functions and VLOOKUP
• SUMIF and SUMIFS Functions
• COUNTIF and COUNTIFS Functions
• Text Functions
 o Concatenate, Left, Right and Trim
• Date and Time Functions

Excel Protection
• Cell Range Protection
• Applying Worksheet Protection
• Password Protecting a Workbook
• Hiding Formula in cells

• Excel Auditing Tools
 o Tracing
 o Evaluate Formula
 o Error Checking 

Data Validation
• Text, Numbers, decimals & dates
• Input, Error and Stop Messages
• Creating Dropdown List
• Circle Invalid Data
• INDIRECT Function

Advanced Conditional Formats
• Using Formulas with Absolute options 

Advanced Pivot Tables
• Show Values As
 o % of Grand Total
 o Running Total in
 o Ranking
• Slicer Connections
• Calculated Field
• Multiple Consolidation Ranges
• Dashboard display

Advanced Filters
• Filter and copy to another location
• Extract a list of unique records
• Consolidation
 o Worksheets in workbook
 o From different workbooks
 o Functions and Links 

Advanced Chart Options
• Adding a secondary axis
• Creating a combined line and column Chart
• Adding Trendlines
• Adding Graphics
• Save Chart As Template

Custom Number Formats

Custom Date Formats

Importing/Exporting Data
• Text Files
• CSV Files

Input Tables
• One-input Data Tables
• Two-input Data Tables

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