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"Software skills are a specific subset of computer skills. Whereas 'computer skills' refer to everything that involves using computers, software skills specifically refer to how to use computer programs. Software skills allow you to make use of applications on a computer". James Gallagher, Career Karma, 2021

We currently provide 4 Excel courses:
Excel Basics
Excel Intermediate
Excel Advanced
Power Query

There are 2 PowerPoint courses:
PowerPoint Level 1
PowerPoint Level 2

Outlook also has two levels:
Outlook Level 1
Outlook Level 2

Word has three levels:
Word Basics
Word Intermediate
Word Advanced

Other courses include:
Power BI

Course outlines are available on the Courses menu above or click a course from the list above.
Or click course outlines to view a list of PDF files to download.
For more information about Software Skills click About Us

* Small group size for scheduled classes - typically eight learners
* Softcopy training manuals
* Softcopy exercise files
* Scheduled classes delivered online and in-person
* Live interactive sessions
* With clear, detailed step by step demonstrations of topics
* Certificate of attendance

* NEW Pre course video call consultation
* Pre course online training needs analysis
* Flexible delivery days and times to suit you
* Flexible group size - typically eight learners
* Softcopy tailored training manuals
* Softcopy tailored exercise files
* Online and onsite in-person delivery
* Live interactive sessions
* With clear, detailed step by step demonstrations of topics
* Certificate of attendance
* End of course questionnaires
* After course email support 

Contact us for more information about arranging group sessions.

Duration of scheduled online and in-person classes:
20 minutes free sessions:
* Excel Gems,
* Power Query Snippets
* Outlook Bite Size
* Power Point Know-how
Please see schedule for more details

3 hour sessions:
* All other scheduled online classes are 3 hours in duration
* Some courses take two sessions to complete
Please see schedule for more details

Duration of tailored group training:
* Flexible duration depending on your requirements
* Typically 3 hour sessions
* Some courses take two sessions to complete

Duration of one to one training:
* Flexible duration depending on your requirements
* Typically based on an hourly rate 

If you need more information please contact us.

It really does depend on your requirements
Let me know your requirements and I can give you a detailed quote 

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What Our Fantastic Clients Say

End of Course Testimonials

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“Audrey was great to deal with, very polite & helpful.

Got great feedback from employees on how well the Excel course was delivered.

Would highly recommend using Software Skills in the future."

Software Skills Laptop

"Small group.

Audrey very thorough and patient.

Great attention to small details.

Pitched at appropriate level.

Great Tips

Software Skills Keyboard

"Our office mgr organised this training".
"I found the facilitator really approachable and tailored the course specifically to our programme."
"I really learned a lot and look forward to further training with you"

Software Skills Laptop

"I heard about Audrey via our HR Mgr who used Audrey in the past for staff training.
I was most pleased with the explanation of how to create and amend Pivot Charts and explanation of Conditional Formatting. I was very happy with how everything was explained & demonstrated

Software Skills Laptop

"I was so pleased with how attentive Audrey was with any questions and how easy this can be done online. Everything ran so smoothly.  She ensured I could see exactly what she was explaining and how everything was to be done.  Audrey's training methods were brilliant".

Software Skills Laptop and Coffee

"Course was very informative & focused on areas that were required by audience".

"A lot of very useful tips throughout the day".

"I would like to attend the next PowerPoint course

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