Excel Course - Intermediate

Course Outline

Learners should have a good foundation knowledge of Excel having completed the Basics course or equivalent. Alternatively, they may have existing work experience.

At the end of the course learners will have an excellent knowledge of Excel and be able to complete some of the more frequently used features of Excel such as, Pivot Tables/Charts, Sorting and Filtering.

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Working with Large Sheets
• Hiding Rows and Columns
• Worksheet Panes
• Freeze Panes
• Split Windows
• Grouping and Ungrouping
• Auto Outline 

Working with Data
• Sorting Data
• Filtering Data
• Sort by Colour
• Filter by Colour
• Text, Number & Date Filters
• Format Data As Table 

Conditional Formatting
• Built-in Formatting Rules
• Clear Rules
• Manage Rules
• Sort By Condition
• Filter By Condition 

Using Paste Special
• Values, Formats and more
• Transpose
• Paste Operators
• Paste Link 

• Summary Reports
• Subtotalling Data
• Multiple Subtotals
• Removing Subtotals
• Changing Function
• Report Outlining 

Data Analysis
• Analysing Data with PivotTables
• Creating a PivotTable
• Modifying a PivotTable
• Changing PivotTable Functions
• PivotCharts 

Problem Solving
• Goal Seek
• The Scenario Manager
• Scenario Summaries
• IF Functions
• Nested Ifs

 Linking in Excel
• Worksheet Linking
• Linking to a second workbook
• Linking Calculations
• Updating /Editing / Breaking Links 

Using Macros
• Understanding Macros
• Recording a Basic Macro
• Running a Macro
• Assigning Macro Button to Quick
• Access Toolbar
• Deleting a Macro 

Naming Ranges
• Creating Names using Name Box
• Create from Selection
• Name Manager
• Using Named Ranges in Formulae 

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