Excel Course - Basics

Course Outline

This course is suitable for learners who are excellent with computers, such as sending emails, using Word or PowerPoint, but who have little or no knowledge of Excel.

At the end of the course learners will have a good foundation knowledge of Excel and be able to enter and edit data and complete basic formulas and functions in Excel.

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Getting Started with Excel

• Starting Excel
• Excel Opening Screen
• The Excel Ribbon
• Excel Tabs
• The Formula Bar
• Scroll Bars
• Active Cell, Column and Row Headers
• Sheet Tabs
• The Status Bar
• Speed Keys
• Exiting Excel

Starting a Workbook
• Creating a New Workbook
• Moving Around the Sheet
• Scrolling
• The Mouse Pointer
• Selecting Cells with the Mouse
• Selecting Cells with the Keyboard
• Spreadsheet Data Types
• Entering and Editing Data
• Editing Long Entries
• Undoing Incorrect Edits
• Resizing Columns and Rows
• Saving a Workbook
• Closing a Workbook
• Opening a Workbook
• Deleting a Workbook

Entering Basic Calculations

• AutoSum
• Entering a Calculation
• Functions
• Status Bar Functions
• Using Relative and Absolute Cell Addresses
• Circular References

Formatting the Worksheet

• Styles
• Enhancements
• Alignment
• Formatting Numbers
• Show Formulae
• Clearing a Worksheet
• AutoFill
• Custom Lists

Working with Worksheets and Cells

• Using Go To
• Moving Data with Drag-and-Drop
• Cut, Copy and Paste
• Moving Entries (Cut and Paste)
• Copying Cell Contents (Copy and Paste)
• Using the Office Clipboard
• Using Find and Replace 

Organising the Worksheet

• Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
• Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
• Rename and Colouring Worksheet Tabs
• Moving and Copying Worksheets

Printing Worksheets

• Print Preview
• Changing the Page Setup
• Printing


• Creating Charts
• Printing Charts

Extra Features

• Introduction to Format As Table
• Screenshot Snipping Tool
• SmartArt

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